New guitarist!

Tuesday Jan 19th, 2010

hey guys, it's rai here. we've got some important news that we thought we'd share with you...

recently, our much loved guitarist sean decided he was going to hang up his thirsty merc boots. we took a break at the start of 2009 for a number of months, and in the interim sean married his fiance and also decided he was looking to focus on being a record producer - something he's been passionate about ever since we met him. we wish him all the best. we've had too many good times with sean in the merc to even begin to count!

joining the band is guitarist matt smith who some of you may know from the band 'the strides'. we've always dug matt's playing, he's a terrific guy, and having him record with us on this new album has been seamless. matt is a mad keen fisherman, surfer, camper, and all round musician with an awesome groove and vibe. please make sure you say 'hi' to him at our next gig. we're very excited to announce that we've got a few shows coming up very soon - details coming any day now!